South Hinksey

The small village of South Hinksey is, like neighbouring North Hinksey, 'wedged' between the busy A34 Oxford bypass and the Hinksey Stream, one of the several branches of the River Thames that flow just to the west of the city. The one and only access to the village by road is from the A34, so consequently the village relatively free of traffic.

Location map:

Pedestrian and cycle access from Oxford to the village is possible via the "Devil's Backbone", a historic raised pathway across the neighbouring flood plains. There is no direct road between the village and nearby North Hinksey. However the poet John Ruskin tried to organise making a road between the two villages, since the ground was very swampy between them.

The parish church is the Church of St' Laurence which is partly hidden by trees. Parts of St. Laurence's date from the 13th century.

In the village there are a number of attractive old houses, some of them thatched.

South Hinksey is about a mile and a half south-west of the centre of Oxford, just off the A34 Oxford bypass.

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