Along Sandy Lane in the shadow of Boars Hill is the old village of Wootton, or what is left of it, and it has a sprinkling of thatched cottages and the attractive little parish church, St. Peter's, parts of which date from medieval times. St.Peter's was originally built as a small chapel-of-ease to the mother church at Cumnor. For the history and full information about St. Peter's Church click here.

The modern village comprises mainly housing estates with a lot of ribbon development spreading back towards Abingdon. In the centre is a small parade of shops and the public house.

The village name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word meaning the township in the wood, Wood-tun. In Saxon times woodland covered all the lower slopes of the hill and much of the valley below.

Oxfordshire has another village called Wootton; the other one being near Woodstock in West Oxfordshire.

Wootton is on the B4017 about mid-way between Abingdon and Oxford.


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