Cumnor sits on the top of a hill about three miles to the south west of Oxford. The hill is part of the extensive Midvale Ridge and the ground gradually drops down towards the River Thames about a mile away to the west. To the north the ground drops more steeply towards the small village of Farmoor and from the road the large Farmoor Reservoir is very prominent.

The name means a hill slope belonging to Cuma, an 8th century abbot of Abingdon. Just to the south west of the present churchyard stood Cumnor Place, one of the wealthiest and grandest granges of Abbingdon Abbey. Cumnor Place was demolished in the 19th century and all that remains is a small wall, some steps and what was probably once a hearth for a fire!

St Michael's Church, parts of which date from the 12th century, stands in the centre of the village. For the history and full information about St. Michael's Church click here.

Cumnor is about three miles to the south-west of Oxford, just off the busy A420 Oxford to Swindon road.


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