Little Rollright
(West Oxfordshire)

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Little Rollright

Little Rollright is a tiny village about two and a half miles north-west of Chipping Norton in the heart of a private estate right on the county boundary with Warwickshire. Access to the village is by way of a permissive road through the estate.

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At Little Rollright there is just a handful of cottages, the manor farmhouse and the tiny candlelit village church which is dedicated to St. Philip and contains some interesting tombs and monuments to members of the Dixon family and a William Blower. The Dixons were lords of the manor of Little Rollright in the 17th century and it was William Blower from whom they inherited the estate.

About a mile to the north-east of the village are the megalithic Rollright Stones. The Rollright Stones comprise three separate monuments dating from the Neolithic period. The main monument is a ceremonial stone circle now known as The King's Men. Nearby is a monolith known as The King Stone and a small group of upright stones (known as The Whispering Knights) which guard a 5,000 year old burial chamber.

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