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Horley is an attractive small village on the side of a hill close to the county boundary with Warwickshire. It is a village of golden brown cottages and houses built in the local Hornton ironstone.

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The beautiful parish church is the Church of St. Etheldreda, which dates from the 12th century has several medieval wall paintings, most of which were uncovered in the mid-19th century. The most important of the wall paintings is a large paitingĀ of St. Christopher. On one of the pillars there is a painting of St. Zita and there are other paintings elswhere which are now fragmentary. The painted rood, rood screen and loft date from the mid-20th century as are the decorations to the pulpit, which depicts scenes from the life of St. Etheldreda.

Horley is about 3 miles north-west of Banbury, west of the B4100.

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