To call the tiny twin villages of Over and Nether Worton 'villages' is perhaps an exaggeration because of their size, but at least they do both have a parish church.

Over Worton is slightly larger than Nether Worton, having a few more cottages attractively built in the local honey-coloured stone. Over Worton House is a large plain ironstone building which was built in the early 19th century.

The church in Over Worton is Holy Trinity Church, which is medieval, but was substantially renovated in the Victorian period. Near the start of the path to the church is a restored medieval preaching cross. For the history and full information about Holy Trinity Church click here.

Nether Worton really consists now of nothing other than Nether Worton House. Manor Farm, the church and a couple of cottages. Nether Worton House, built in local stone and stone slate, incorporates a mid 17th century house and was remodelled in the 1920s. Nearby is another large house, now known as Hawk Hill House.

The church at Nether Worton, St. James's, is officially a chapel of ease. It is a beautiful little church, unusually joined to the old schoolhouse, which in turn is joined to Church Cottage. For the history and full information about St. James's Church click here.

The twin villages of Over and Nether Worton are about 10 miles south of Banbury.


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Over Worton 1
Over Nether Worton 2
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Over Worton 5


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Nether Worton House 1
Nether Worton 2
Nether Worton 3
Nether Worton 4


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