Glympton is a pretty little village, hardly more than a hamlet, which was at one time grouped around the 12th century parish church, St. Mary's, which is in Glympton Park on the edge of the village. However, in the 17th century the entire village was moved about 400 yards south-east to make way for the landscaping of Glympton Park, leaving the church isolated in its original position. No trace remains of the original village now apart from the church, and  none of the original houses of the relocated 17th century village survives either. For the history and full information about St. Mary's Church click here.

Glympton Park includes the 18th century Glympton House which replaced the original manor house and was remodelled in 1846. The current owner of Glympton Park is Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, who has owned Glympton Park and its estate since 1992.

There is a pedestrian right of way through the park which gives access to the church.

RAF Kiddington was a wartime RAF station near the village but this has now reverted to farmland.

Glympton is on the River Glyme about 3 miles north of Woodstock on a bend in the B4027.


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