On the south-facing slope of the hills overlooking the Evenlode valley is the village of Chadlington. The village was originally 5 separate communities, Greenend, Brookend, Westend, Millend, and Eastend, and these are still well defined parts of the village.

The village is rather straggly, especially between Greenend in the west and Eastend in the east. Perhaps this is because in the main the village evolved from the 5 Ends. Development along Chipping Norton Road between Westend and Millend appears to be more recent than elsewhere in the village.

Unusually for a village of this size, Chadlington boasts two village stores, one of which incorporates a small cafe.

The parish church, not in Church Road as you would expect, but in Chapel Road, is the Church of St. Nicholas, which is mainly 13th century but has a 14th century tower and a Victorian chancel. For the history and full information about St. Nicholas' Church click here.

Chadlington Methodist Church is in Chipping Norton Road.

Chadlington holds a number of notable events. These are the Dean and Chadlington Music Festival, which comprises a series of events at locations in Chadlington, Dean and elswhere, Chadlington Beer Festival and the Great Brook Run. The latter is a 1-mile run through the water of a local brook and includes running through a tunnel.

Chadlington is about 3 miles south of Chipping Norton and a couple of miles north-west of Charlbury.


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