otherfield Peppard (known also just as 'Peppard') is situated on an old overland pack route from Henley to Goring which can still be traced, partly on footpaths and partly on modern roads. The pack route is thought to be the origin of local pub names such as the Pack Horse and the Pack Saddle which, although not in the village, are not far away.

"Rotherfield" derives from the Old English redrefeld meaning "cattle lands". In the middle of the area is the open-to-the-public land, Peppard Common, once used for grazing and which can be used by parishioners for small timber. "Peppard" is from the family name of Pipard or Pypard who, in the reign of Edward I, held the manor at Wallingford. At that time the area became known as Retheresfelde Pipard.

The village spreads out around two-and-a-bit sides of Peppard Common, with the main road passing through the middle. All Saints' Church is at the end of a residential lane leading from the common.

Around the village there is evidence of pits from which chalk was excavated and excavations for flints, especially at nearby Stony Bottom. Flints were used as a building material throughout the Chilterns.

All Saints’ church is a pretty church with pink hydrangea shrubs ling the path from the lych gate to the entrance It has Norman origins and has three small 12th century windows. For the history and full information about All Saints' Church click here.

Another notable historic bulding is Blounts Court, a mainly 17th century mansion with a history going back to the 14th century. Blounts Court is famous for a tulip tree planted there by King Charles I. Also the oldest Congregational Chapel in Oxfordshire can be found in the village.

Some scenes from the popular television series Midsomer Murders have been filmed in Rotherfield Peppard and also at the nearby National Trust property, Greys Court.

Rotherfield Peppard is just north of Sonning Common on the B481.


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