Newington is a very small village and there is not a lot to see apart from the impressive 17th century manor house which can easily be seen through the impressive wrought iron gates. Next to the manor house is St. Giles's Church which has an octaganol spire on top of the tower. For the history and full information about St. Giles's Church click here.

Newington is about a mile south of Stadhampton on the A329 from Wallingford.

Berwick Salome

About 2 miles south-east of Newington are the tiny village of Berrick Salome and the even smaller Berrick Prior. The word "Berewic" means "corn farm", whereas "Salome" is a corruption of a family name. Aymar de Sulham having held the manor in the 13th century. Berrick Prior was at one time part of the parish of Newington, and the name means the corn farm belonging to the Prior of Canterbury.

The little St. Helen's Church, which stands alone down a short lane, is an interesting looking medieval church with a wooden bell tower. St Helen has been described as the favourite saint of King Ethelbald of Mercia who took the Benson area from Wessex early in the 8th century, so a church was probably established at Berrick long before the Conquest. The attractive vaulted roof dates from 1615, and the wooden gallery dates from 1676. For the history and full information about St. Helen's Church click here.


A mile or so south-east of Berrick Salome, and a mile or so north of Benson, is the hamlet of Roke and the nearby smaller hamlet of Rokemarsh.





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