Ardley with Fewcott
(Cherwell District)

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Ardley with Fewcott

Ardley is a small village adjacent to Junction 10 on the M40 sandwiched between the motorway and the Bicester to Banbury railway line. Immediately to the north of Ardley is the hamlet of Fewcott and the two are now contiguous. Between the two is an area of 20th century residential development.

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The parish church in Ardley is St. Mary's. Most of the present building was built late in the 12th or early in the 13th century. The tower, which has a saddleback roof, may have been built in the 13th or 14th century.

On the edge of the village is Ardley Castle, now no more than an oval enclosure with a shallow ditch. Ardley Castle was a motte-and-bailey castle and is believed to have been built early in the 12th century.

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