Asthall is a pretty little village in the Windrush valley. The village church is the Church of St. Nicholas, which dates from before 1160, when it was enlarged. Since then further alterations and enlargements have been carried out and the church is now a mixture of architectural styles. For the history and full information about St. Nicholas' Church click here.

Asthall Manor, which dates from about 1620, is built of local Cotswold stone. Since it was built it has had many alterations and extensions, most recently in 1916 when a former barn was converted into a ballroom and linked to the house by a cloister. At one time the house was owned by Lord Redesdale whose daughters were the six Mitford sisters, of whom Deborah, the youngest, was born at Asthall Manor in 1920.

Akeman Street, the Roman road, passes close to the village and traces of a Roman settlement have been found. Other nearby historical interest is provided by two Bronze Age barrows and a Saxon barrow, and a hoard of 110 gold coins minted between 1470 and 1526 that were found in 2007 during building work.

Asthall holds an annual horse show.

Asthall is about 6 miles west of Witney.


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