West Hanney and its neighbour, East Hanney, have just a field separating them and the villages are often referred to as 'The Hanneys'.

'The Hanneys' were built in pre Norman times on a gravel bed in the Vale of the White Horse. Letcombe brook runs through the villages. The brook used to power water mills, the last of which closed around 1920. One of The Hanneys claims to fame is to have been the home of the oldest ever recorded English woman, Elizabeth Bowles, who died in 1718 aged 124.

The deserted medieval village of North Denchworth is on the western boundary of the village. The site of the old manor is thought to be at Grange Farm and a moat near the Childrey Brook may have enclosed the medieval house.

The Church of St James the Great dates back to approximately 1160. For the history and full information about St. James' Church click here.

West Hanney is about 2 miles east of its neighbour, East Hanney, and about 4 miles north of Wantage.


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