Highmoor is a small village which includes two or three other settlements, namely Highmoor Cross, Witheridge Hill and Satwell.

There are a few large houses along the main road at Highmoor which are sited away from the road and at one time there was a pub, the Dog and Duck. Highmoor Cross is about half a mile to the south of Highmoor, and here there are a few houses and cottages and also the village church, St. Paul's, which was built in 1859 as a chapel of ease. St. Paul's Church is now closed and has been declared redundant. For the history and full information about St. Paul's Church click here.

500m to the west of Highmoor Cross is a small group of houses and a pub overlooking a small green in an area known as Witheridge Hill.

The hamlet of Satwell is about three quarters of a mile to the south of Highmoor Cross and comprises a handful of cottages and a pub.

Highmoor is about 4 miles west of Henley-on-Thames and about a mile south of Nettlebed.


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