Murcott and Fencott
(Cherwell District)

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Murcott and Fencott

Murcott and Fencott are twin hamlets on the north edge of Otmoor. The hamlets are two of the Seven Towns Of Otmoor, the other "towns" being Beckley, Charlton-on-Otmoor, Oddington, Horton-cum-Studley and Noke. Before Enclosure in the early 1800s any cottager who lived in one of the Seven Towns had right of grazing for their cattle, sheep and geese on the moor.

Location map:

Murcott appears to be the larger of the two hamlets with houses and cottages spreading along the road, and it boasts a chapel and a gastropub as well.

Fencott is little more than a handful of farmhouses and cottages clustered around a bend in the road with a few other houses and cottages dotted along a side turning.

Murcott and Fencott are about 4 miles south of Bicester and 5-6 miles east of Kidlington.

Images of Murcott:
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Image 1, Murcott
Image 2, Murcott
Image 3, Murcott
Image 4, Murcott
Image 5, Murcott

Images of Fencott:
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Image 1, Fencott
Image 2, Fencott
Image 3, Fencott


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