Steeple Aston is a medium sized village on high ground overlooking the Cherwell valley. The main streets of the village form a square, with North Side and South Side to the north and south respectively. These roads are about a quarter of a mile apart and between them is a valley with a small stream, a tributory of the River Cherwell, and open land.

The cottages in this village have a mixture of architectural styles and built using different local limestones. In parts there is the occasional thatched cottage.

The village church in Steeple Aston is the Grade II* Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, a limestone steeple-less church on high ground. The present building dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, and the tower from the 14th century. Full information about the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul can be found here.

North of Steeple Aston is the smaller pretty village of North Aston. Along one side of the village is a large green dotted with trees and on the other side of the village, down a long estate road, is Grade II* listed St. Mary's Church in the grounds of North Aston Hall. Information about St Mary's Church can be found here. North Aston Hall is a 17th century country house that was rebuilt in the 18th century.

Between Steeple Aston and North Aston is the pretty little hamlet of Middle Aston. On the edge of the hamlet, in extensive grounds, is the 17th century Middle Aston House which is now mainly a conference centre.

Steeple Aston is about 10 miles south of Banbury and 7 miles west of Bicester, just off the A4260 Oxford to Banbury road.

North Aston is two and a half miles north of Steeple Aston.

Middle Aston is between Steeple Aston and North Aston, about three quarters of a mile from Steeple Aston.


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Image 1, North Aston
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Image 1, Middle Aston
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