Horton-cum-Studley is virtually on Oxfordshire's border with Buckinghamshire. It is on the south-east edge of historic Otmoor and is one of the 'Seven Towns Of Otmoor', the other "towns" being Beckley, Charlton-on-Otmoor, Oddington, Noke, Murcott and Fencott. Before Enclosure in the early 1800s any cottager who lived in one of the Seven Towns had right of grazing for their cattle, sheep and geese on the moor.

Horton-cum-Studley was formerly two separate parishes, namely Horton and Studley. Studley was historically partly in Oxfordshire and partly in Buckinghamshire and was only reunited when the Buckinghamshire part merged with the already existing Oxfordshire parish of Horton-cum-Studley in 1932.

Much of the present village is on a spur of high ground and it would appear that this was the area known as Studley. today the village runs from the hill down Horton Hill towards the moor to where Horton presumably was. About half way down the hill is Studley Priory, a large 16th century house built on the site of an earlier Benedictine priory.

At the foot of the hill is the attractive little brick-built Grade II listed 19th century parish church of St. Barnabas. Full details about St. Barnabas' Church can be found here.

Horton-cum-Studley is about six and a half miles north-east of Oxford.


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