Near the church in Bucknell are a few attractive old cottages, including the odd one with a thatched roof, and elsewhere in the village there is modern development.

At one end of the village is a duck pond which could be attractive but at the time of my visit was choked with duckweed and other vegetation. Opposite the pond is a pub with the unusual name of The Trigger Pond, named after the old name for the pond opposite which was actually "Twigger Pond".

The parish church is the Grade I listed 12th/13th century St. Peter's Church, unusual in that it has a Norman tower between the chancel and the nave. Full information about St. Peter's Church can be found here.

Behind the church stands the manor house, built in the 17th century, but mostly rebuilt in the 19th century.

Bucknell is a small village about two and a half miles north-west of Bicester on the cross roads of two lanes.


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