Broughton is a small village of dark honey-coloured cottages built in the local stone with a rather disproportionate amount of 20th century development which is best overlooked. The village is probably best known for its castle which is just outside the village.

Main Street in Broughton is dominated by some rather severe looking brown stone cottages set above the road and a pair of Gothic Revival almshouses which were built in 1859.

Broughton Castle is a fortified manor house surrounded by a moat which dates from the 14th century. The castle is open to the public.

In the grounds of the castle is the 14th century parish church, the Grade I listed Church of St Mary the Virgin. Full details about the Church of St. Mary the Virgin can be found here.

The village pub, The Saye and Sele Arms, is named after the family that has owned Broughton Castle since the 15th century.

Broughton is about 2.5 miles south-west of Banbury on the B4035.


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