The parish church in Ambrosden is the Grade II* listed medieval Church of St. Mary the Virgin. Although the door dates from Norman times the church has been refurbished many times over the centuries. The west tower is Early English Gothic and the remainder of the church was rebuilt in the 14th century in the Decorated Gothic style. Full details about the church of St. Mary the Virgin can be found here.

Near St. Mary's are remnants of the older village, but much of Ambrosden now consists of MOD housing together with a little new private development.

Nearby at Graven Hill, between Ambrosden and the town of Bicester, is the Royal Army Ordnance Corps' Central Ordnance Depot which is the army's largest ordnance depot. The depot's internal railway system, known as the Bicester Military Railway, passes Ambrosden and links the Graven Hill depot with other depot sites at Arncott and Piddington.

Since the Second World War Ambrosden has housed army personnel stationed at St. George's Barracks, which is at nearby Arncott and consequently much of Ambrosden now has the character of a barracks, and this is emphasised by the military family facilities at the Garrison Centre in the village.

Like many other villages, Ambrosden's history can be traced back to Saxon times. Although some people believe that Ambrosden was named after Ambrosius Aurelianus, a British-Roman military leader, historians believe the name was derived not from Ambrosius, but from the Old English for "Ambre's hill".

Arncott is a small village with most of its houses centred on a green. Arncott is almost entirely surrounded by depot, the Military Railway and other military buildings. As well as the army, Arncott is also the home of Her Majesty's Prison Bullingdon, which is on the edge of the village.

A mile or so to the east of Ambrosden is the little hamlet of Blackthorn with its cottages and houses spread along four lanes that make an open square.

Ambrosden is about 3 miles south-west of Bicester, just south of the A41 trunk road.

Arncott is just over a mile to the south of Ambrosden


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