Adderbury is a large village very close to the county boundary with Northamptonshire.

The village straddles the Sor Brook, a tributary of the River Cherwell which divides the village into two neighbourhoods, East Adderbury and West Adderbury, each with its own village green and manor house. The two parts of the village are completely different. Whereas East Adderbury has the busy A4260 running through it and has a bustling High Street, West Adderbury has a calmer, almost sleepy, atmosphere

The older properties in Adderbury are built using the attractive dark honey-coloured Hornton stone, a local ironstone.

Next to the Oxford Road in East Adderbury, at its junction with High Street, is an attractive triangular green with Horton stone cottages all round.

Standing on a mound in East Adderbury is the Grade I listed medieval parish church of St. Mary's and its attractive churchyard. St. Mary's is one of the largest parish churches in Oxfordshire and architecturally one of the most important. The building retains evidence of its 13th century origins but was enlarged in the 14th century and again in the early 15th century in the Perpendicular style. It was restored in the 19th century. Full details about St. Mary's Church can be found here.

Also in East Adderbury is Adderbury Methodist Church which was built in 1893. In West Adderbury is the Roman Catholic Saint George's chapel, which was built in 1956.

Close to St. Mary's Church is a 15th century tythe barn which is now used for commercial purposes.

The manor house in East Adderbury is Adderbury House, a 17th century country house. Adderbury House has been remodelled several times, in the 17th and 18th centuries, and early in the 19th century most of the house was demolished. Close to Adderbury house are Adderbury Lakes which are an officially designated a Nature Reserve.

To the north of the B4100 Aynho road is a large residential area built in the mid-20th century.

Adderbury is on the A4260 Oxford to Banbury road about 3 miles south of Banbury.


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